Monthly archives:March 2012

  • I am so thankful to have amazing, activated friends who share all sorts of beautiful, inspirational, and enlightening information.  I believe that what you get out of facebook, like any tool, depends on how you use it.  Also, I think the utility and relevance of what shows up in your news feed is la[...]
  • Dreams are symbolic keys into our personal and collective consciousness. They take forms of the absurdly bizarre, completely lucid, psychically connected, and everywhere in between. Regardless of the content, there is always a message your sub or super consciousness is relating to you... About a yea[...]
  •  "After you recognize the nature of the mind as luminosity and knowing, stay with it. Using your powers of mindfulness and introspection remain in that state. If a thought comes, just look into its very nature, and the concept will lose its power and dissolve of its own accord. Sometimes, with exer[...]
  • Sometimes it can be taxing to search the interwebs for the music that you want.  Unless you're a member of a private bit torrent community, finding a proper torrent file with enough seeds can be annoying, especially when you are just looking for a track or an album.  Sometime you are forced to DL an[...]
  • "Share your presence with others, no boundaries, completely openly lovingly. Love is what makes us alive, that is why we feel so alive when we love. Service is being available to love. Life is the combustion of love. That we love ourselves here, that is the true magnificence in the mountains of bei[...]
  • Listen to Akara: Remixed on Bandcamp It is truly a pleasure to share this work of art with the community.  Just released today on bandcamp from Akara is Remixed. When I saw the producers that he chose to remix his tracks for this release, I about lost it.  Kaminanda, Kalya Scintilla, Kick Bong, a[...]