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  • Tribal Council is excited and humbled; to be invited to be a part of Gratifly Music and Arts Festival. Gratifly is the first festival of it's kind in the South East. Promoting intelligent and compassionate music; as well as many workshops, yoga, healing, and visionary art! This festival is going to [...]
  • The spring of 2013 is blossoming and led the Tribal Council to our very first Lake Eden Arts Festival! (LEAF) May 9-12th hosted the 36th bi-annual gathering at the tried & true grounds of Camp Rockmont /Lake Eden outside of Asheville, NC. It was an honor to participate at a festival which stru[...]
  • Whoa - the seriously swirling energies of 2013 have been keeping the TC labs consistently lively. We're taking a moment to ground after another installment of the Kinnection Series. This installment followed our Kinnection model in its offerings as we brought in three more world-class ac[...]
  • Tribal Council is excited and honored to welcome the Desert Dwellers to our Kinnection series. Supported by The Human Experience and Aligning Minds, these shows are sure to excite ones' senses. The Kinnection series not only focuses on conscious music, but we offer yoga, workshops, and a tea lounge [...]
  • Tribal Council is very excited to welcome The Human Experience, David Block, to our Kinnection series! For those of you who are not sure what our Kinnection series is; Tribal Council does a three night run between Athens, Atlanta, and Ashville. Each night we offer yoga, workshops, a tea lounge, and [...]
  • Tribal Council is so excited to be hosting the second instillation of the kinnection series. This is a concert and workshop series that travels between Athens, Asheville, and Atlanta, promoting health and well-being amongst the community. We are more than happy to announce Aligning Minds, The Human [...]
  • "Inspired by the global unification offered by events such as Earth Day - Papadosio and Rootwire Music & Arts Festival are proud to present a unique 2-day celebration that roots its intention in a quest for environmental equilibrium by bringing together the wisdom of many different cultures and [...]
  • This compilation album by Lespecial of Lost in Sound, is composed of an eclectic assortment of artists. The third song on the album is Futexture's "The fragility in focus." This song reminds me of the beautiful human who composed it, laid-back, fun, and thoughtful; intertwined through the whole son[...]
  • "To end the illusion of separation" is the title of Papadosio's newest album. This album has twenty amazing tracks, and each one has an art piece that correlates! A visionary album filled with great thought-provoking lyrics and harmonies. This album really displays Papadosio's new level of performan[...]