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  • Tribal Council is excited and humbled; to be invited to be a part of Gratifly Music and Arts Festival. Gratifly is the first festival of it's kind in the South East. Promoting intelligent and compassionate music; as well as many workshops, yoga, healing, and visionary art! This festival is going to [...]
  • As you may or may not know, a solid crew of TC hearts are blessed to be sweetly nestled within the cozy embrace of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a majickal place where faeries & elves abound. Within the nooks & crannies are tucked pure treasures that shape-shift to provide whatever you may seek [...]
  • Most people know Andy Reed as an amazing visionary artist. Less people recognize that Infinite Geometry is synonymous with his DJ work as well as his art! With an intelligent ear and an eclectic taste, he produces wonderful down-tempo mixes. Andy is one of Tribal Council's resident DJs, and we feel [...]
  • This compilation album by Lespecial of Lost in Sound, is composed of an eclectic assortment of artists. The third song on the album is Futexture's "The fragility in focus." This song reminds me of the beautiful human who composed it, laid-back, fun, and thoughtful; intertwined through the whole son[...]
  • Dreams are symbolic keys into our personal and collective consciousness. They take forms of the absurdly bizarre, completely lucid, psychically connected, and everywhere in between. Regardless of the content, there is always a message your sub or super consciousness is relating to you... About a yea[...]