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  • Jake Penn, also known as Mumukshu, is a young producer with a talent for producing vibrant, glitchy soundscapes. He has released with Enig’matik records and collaborated with many talented colleagues in the industry. Finding Meaning in Nothing is his most recent release on Merkaba records, a fresh[...]
  • On the noble and never-ending quest for more knowledge, in the name of the evolution of human kind, Kris Wylie has wasted none of his time here on this planet. Producing for just over five years now, Kris has made his mark under many monikers and missions. The transmissions seem to beam through this[...]
  • Birds of Paradise, born in just 2010, is a project taking the scene by storm, turning heads from the start. Whether you would traditionally gravitate toward psystep or breakbeat or not, there's no denying that, as their bio so aptly states, "it will take your ears only a moment to realize that you h[...]
  • 17-year-old Numatik has been turning heads since he appeared on the scene at age twelve (yes that’s right, 12!). Channeling transmissions direct from the galactic core, this prodigy’s potential has been palpable from the start - a clear testament to the djedis rising up in these accelerating times. [...]
  • With the state of things these days, the cosmos has fresh new beats bubbling up out of every crevice, nook & cranny. We can hardly keep up! Here's one of the more salient projects to make its way to the surface of the TC realms:    .:. Within the depths of Earth, with the dripping of st[...]
  • Futexture just dropped a new delightful mix this week.  We encourage everyone to read the hilarious track titles and more importantly please read the entire note that David (aka Futexture) wrote up to accompany this mix. He gives some real from the heart advice about how to support artists you like [...]
  • "BLUETECH _ BASEMENT DUBS EP! Ok guys, I need your help. Technically this release comes out tomorrow, but it's already hit the file sharing sites. Yes, you can find this for free, but Im trying to convert my studio to a solar powered off grid space, to live in integrity with my beliefs and be a [...]
  • Tribal Council is excited and humbled; to be invited to be a part of Gratifly Music and Arts Festival. Gratifly is the first festival of it's kind in the South East. Promoting intelligent and compassionate music; as well as many workshops, yoga, healing, and visionary art! This festival is going to [...]