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  • Birds of Paradise, born in just 2010, is a project taking the scene by storm, turning heads from the start. Whether you would traditionally gravitate toward psystep or breakbeat or not, there's no denying that, as their bio so aptly states, "it will take your ears only a moment to realize that you h[...]
  • 17-year-old Numatik has been turning heads since he appeared on the scene at age twelve (yes that’s right, 12!). Channeling transmissions direct from the galactic core, this prodigy’s potential has been palpable from the start - a clear testament to the djedis rising up in these accelerating times. [...]
  • Futexture just dropped a new delightful mix this week.  We encourage everyone to read the hilarious track titles and more importantly please read the entire note that David (aka Futexture) wrote up to accompany this mix. He gives some real from the heart advice about how to support artists you like [...]
  • .: You awoke. You were there, among the luminous beings. You did not know how you had arrived, or what language they were speaking, but you understood they meant no harm and they wished to sing you a story. It was important. Their words, somehow familiar, shimmered on the verge of meaning. [...]
  • As we like to joke about quite often, a typical "problem" these days often consists of having to make a decision between two shows on the same night. In the height of 2013, there is certainly no shortage of events to choose from - though quantity does not always guarantee quality. However, last ni[...]
  • The spring of 2013 is blossoming and led the Tribal Council to our very first Lake Eden Arts Festival! (LEAF) May 9-12th hosted the 36th bi-annual gathering at the tried & true grounds of Camp Rockmont /Lake Eden outside of Asheville, NC. It was an honor to participate at a festival which stru[...]
  • When one attends Sonic Bloom it might as well be a happy trip to a little model of utopia. Of all the festivals I have personally been to, Sonic Bloom's amazing display last year certified it as one of most cohesive, beautiful, smooth and purely friendly gatherings out there. I had heard great thi[...]
  • Recently I found two artists who are extremely talented. Both have a future in the transformational music scene, and are two musicians to keep an eye on! The first you may know; as they have been around the scene for a little while. Temple Step Project combines the sacred sounds of the middle eas[...]
  • Whoa - the seriously swirling energies of 2013 have been keeping the TC labs consistently lively. We're taking a moment to ground after another installment of the Kinnection Series. This installment followed our Kinnection model in its offerings as we brought in three more world-class ac[...]