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  • In the past few years I have noticed a rise of interest in down-tempo and ambient music. What once was underground, is now becoming more prevalent in the transformational festival scene. More people are listening to this beautiful dream like music. It may help calm your emotions or help you be more [...]
  • Adham Shaikh is an intelligent and inspiring musician. With skill he aptly merges west coast bass to ambient soundscapes and many styles in between. Sometimes he is a solo project with drum machines, synths, and ipads; other times he has a ten piece outworld orkestra (a troupe of dancers, artists, a[...]
  • Tribal Council is very excited to welcome The Human Experience, David Block, to our Kinnection series! For those of you who are not sure what our Kinnection series is; Tribal Council does a three night run between Athens, Atlanta, and Ashville. Each night we offer yoga, workshops, a tea lounge, and [...]
  • Tribal Council is so excited to be hosting the second instillation of the kinnection series. This is a concert and workshop series that travels between Athens, Asheville, and Atlanta, promoting health and well-being amongst the community. We are more than happy to announce Aligning Minds, The Human [...]
  • "To end the illusion of separation" is the title of Papadosio's newest album. This album has twenty amazing tracks, and each one has an art piece that correlates! A visionary album filled with great thought-provoking lyrics and harmonies. This album really displays Papadosio's new level of performan[...]
  • Last week I was visiting my old college town, the always lovely Asheville, NC. One night when I was chillaxing with one lively lil munchkin, she randomly stumbled across a track by "Ayur" on her IPod, which she had just filled with fresh beats.  When she accused my of having tampered with her device[...]