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  • Tribal Council is excited and humbled; to be invited to be a part of Gratifly Music and Arts Festival. Gratifly is the first festival of it's kind in the South East. Promoting intelligent and compassionate music; as well as many workshops, yoga, healing, and visionary art! This festival is going to [...]
  • "Inspired by the global unification offered by events such as Earth Day - Papadosio and Rootwire Music & Arts Festival are proud to present a unique 2-day celebration that roots its intention in a quest for environmental equilibrium by bringing together the wisdom of many different cultures and [...]
  • "To end the illusion of separation" is the title of Papadosio's newest album. This album has twenty amazing tracks, and each one has an art piece that correlates! A visionary album filled with great thought-provoking lyrics and harmonies. This album really displays Papadosio's new level of performan[...]